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BATH BOMB – Lavender – Enfleurage


BATH BOMBS in various aromatic blends. Lavender has essential oil of Lavender in it.  This essential oil is very relaxing.

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Just imagine sinking into a warm tub of aromatic water that  not only smells amazing but the essential oils bursting forth from that BATH BOMB are doing their job just as you had hoped.

LAVENDER gives off that perfect scent and the relaxing plant chemicals are dancing in your head as you breathe bring back memories.  They are relaxing you to the hilt.  Ahhhh   Just what you needed.  Perfect for a good night’s sleep.


AFTER THE WORKOUT fills the air with an interesting  aroma that carries your thoughts away to aromas you associate with that last massage you had.  Yes your muscles are enjoying the heat and the attention of the essential oils.  You know you’re soothing away that great time you had where your muscles were called into action.  Ahhhh, it feels so relaxing.


ROSE GERANIUM has you lounging in a field of blossoming roses and you know that once you leave the bath behind your skin is going to be clinging to the aroma as well as feeling truly smooth and younger.


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