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We all want to age Gracefully. Those fine lines tell us the clock is ticking. Gracefully has been designed as an anti-aging oil.  Anti-aging oils are best used at night when the skin goes to work repairing.

What if you could slow the clock down?

Gracefully is a blend of known anti-aging oils. First we have blended Carrot Seed essential oil with Frankincense essential oil and married this blend up with amazing Argan oil which is high in Vitamin E

We suggest you use this as your bedtime moisturizer and use straight Argan oil during the day

Gracefully can be used on the scalp if you tend to have a dry scalp or anywhere on your body where you are experiencing dry skin, itchy patches, eczema or psoriasis

Once again Enfleurage Organics is providing you with a multi use product.


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