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INGREDIENTS: Coconut* oil; Olive* oil; Shea butter*; Beeswax*; Vitamin E

*indicates USDA Certified Organic ingredient


PAWS ‘N NOSE was created to give dogs a more comfortable life, especially in the winter  Unfortunately most of the salt put down to melt ice is not dog friendly.  This paw cream was designed to help protect and repair.  It has been infused with Love and Reiki energy.  Colleen, the formulator of our products loves animals and although she no longer has her own dog.  She is a former breeder of Mini Schnauzers and currently looks after dogs by the day or longer. This gives her an opportunity for some puppy hugs and kisses.  The paw cream is also help for dry noses and for pooches that develop external dry patches on their joints.

Many people don’t think about all the dogs that are walking past their home each day as they throw salt down to melt the snow and ice.  This gets into the dog’s paws.  As it melts it adds to the coldness of the snow as well as becomes very irritating.  It could cause blisters.

When your dog is lifting a paw during a walk that’s a sure sign that salt has lodged between the paw pads and making the paw very cold.


It’s easy to use PAWS ‘N NOSE.   Quickly rub each paw over the surface of the cream just before heading out on your walks  It will help protect the pads from the salt and irritation.  You may want to rub a little in between the pads.

PAWS ‘N NOSE can also be used after a walk for added comfort.

Dogs also like to play in the snow and run their nose through it.  As cute as this can look, it can also be a cause for your dog getting a dry, cracked nose.  And just like us, having the furnace on in the house is drying too.


Your fur baby will be all too pleased to share this moisturizing cream with you.  Rub some on your cheeks on a blustery day or use it after your walk.  You both can have a moisturizing foot massage.

By the way, the oils used in this cream are all certified organic oils.  No worries about harmful chemicals being in our products.


Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm

50G, 100G

1 review for PAWS ‘N NOSE

  1. Brenda C.

    I have been using this cream for the last few days and it seems to be working great. My Yorkie is no longer doing the 3 legged dance.

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