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Ticked Off Pooch is a spray for dogs to keep the ticks, fleas & mosquitoes away using dog friendly essential oils

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TICKED OFF POOCH is a tick spray for dogs formulated by Owner, Colleen Lowe   She is a former breeder of Mini  Schnauzers and her love of all dogs  encouraged her to create this tick spray for dogs  Ticked Off Pooch is her go to bug spray for her own personal use.

As a graduate of a 3 year diploma program offered by world renowned Sheridan College (1998) as well as post graduate studies in all 4 levels of Aromatic Kinesiology, Colleen is well versed in the use of essential oils including what is and isn’t good for dogs and carefully formulated Ticked Off Pooch. She is continually upgrading her knowledge.


NOTE:  Ticked Off Pooch bug spray should be shaken well before using and DO NOT spray near the dog’s eyes. Ears are ok


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