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Do you own or know of a dog in your circle of family/friends? I had a long sit and stay this past May 2-4 2023 weekend as I was in front of my computer screen without many opportunities for a paws. I attended an Essential Oil for Your Pet Workshop. As one who went to college for 3 years to earn a Diploma in Essential Oils, it was a treat to gain this fur baby knowledge. You may not be aware but I used to breed purebred Mini Schnauzers. My “momma” dog Morra, took Best Puppy In Show and I was known only as “Morra’s Mom”. I was so proud of her. I no longer have a tail wagger but...

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To some it’s MOM, MOMMY, MOTHER, GRANDMA, NANA, BABA, NONNA and the list goes on depending on heritage, family tradition and many other forms of MUM. SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2023 is Mother’s Day in Canada and the USA. It may be a different date in other countries. Here are some ideas to make shopping for that special woman EASIER, and we deliver. The products selected are 100% organic with no aroma added. While you browse our website you may find other items more to your liking. Enjoy the browse. ARGAN OIL is high in vitamin E, a great oil to use all over the body. Well known as a hair conditioner, anti-aging, after sun, and reduce joint stiffness just to...

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