Is It A Pie?

Do you love Pumpkin Pie? What about Pumpkin Muffins? How about Keto Pumpkin Bread? to me they are all delicious but….

I don’t think you believe that’s what I’m making do you?

You’re right! Pumpkin pie as delicious as it is, is chocked full of healthy components. One of them I took and matched it up with honey – both organic and fairly local too!

Yes, I’m talking about Enfleurage Honey N Pumpkin soap.

Are you aware that when preparing for surgery the medical team do not want you using any products with aroma and that includes the soap you wash with. Honey N Pumpkin fits the4 bill. It has no added aroma!

Then for certain personal hygiene, relating to the female body parts that end up at the wet end of a bladder issue, not only are exercises recommended but washing that very delicate area with a scent free soap. Honey N Pumpkin to the rescue. Men, you could also benefit from washing your private area with our Honey N Pumpkin soap made with organic ingredients

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Are you aware that our products are KETO friendly?  Gluten free, healthy fat content, organic and you won’t eat too much of it LOL

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