Do you own or know of a dog in your circle of family/friends?

I had a long sit and stay this past May 2-4 2023 weekend as I was in front of my computer screen without many opportunities for a paws.

I attended an Essential Oil for Your Pet Workshop. As one who went to college for 3 years to earn a Diploma in Essential Oils, it was a treat to gain this fur baby knowledge.

You may not be aware but I used to breed purebred Mini Schnauzers. My “momma” dog Morra, took Best Puppy In Show and I was known only as “Morra’s Mom”. I was so proud of her. I no longer have a tail wagger but from time to time I collect puppy kisses by house and dog sitting.

Suffice it to say, I Love Dogs!

The population of dog owners or is that humans owned by a dog, grew tremendously over the past 3 years.

I had already been making Cold Nose, Warm Heart dog shampoo for a number of years, then Ticked Off Pooch bug spray (they’ll share with you) and Paw N Nose cream hit the market.

This past January, PAWZITIVE Dog Treats jumped up onto the shelves at the Winter Farmers Market as well as online here. They are Gluten Free, contain a high content of Organic ingredients, come in two yummy flavours – you’ll like them too! They are not baked but dehydrated! We recommend refrigerating as there aren’t any preservatives in them. Other treats are being considered so keep watching for the announcement.

oh! I forgot to mention that they are Vegetarian!

I wiggled my way into a Spring Show at the last minute by offering to only sell dog care products. It was a hit!

As I move forward digesting all that was presented during the weekend workshop, I plan to be available to help you should you need any with your furry bundle of joy.

Yes, sometimes they are a challenge but we humans often present a challenge to them. They love unconditionally and don’t understand why you are suddenly leaving them for long periods of time. You used to be be right there at that desk where they’d be curled up nearby hour after hour.

If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety, let’s talk. There is help.

Love, Grace & Gratitude

Colleen ❤️🙏🦋🐾🐾