In the world of essential oils for some people it’s all about the chemistry while others are only interested in the aroma.

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Colleen Lowe, the Founder and Formulator of the Enfleurage Organic products you’ll find in our store. My passion is helping you stay healthy through the use of organic, gluten free, chemical and synthetic free ingredients. In this article I’m sharing a bit of info about essential oils. I hope you enjoy and would love your comments.

Where a plant grows can affect its chemical composition which in turn can affect the aroma. It may not have a huge affect on the aroma. However, there are times when it does. And I’m talking about a plant that grows on the same farm year after year.

While I worked for an essential oil house in England, UK I had the opportunity to sniff the differences. What a surprise! A real eye opener!

The essential oil came from the same farm, same plant species. So why the difference? One grew on the flats above a valley while the other grew in the valley. The difference was weather. More intense sunlight at the top of the hill while the plants downhill gathered more moisture as rain water ran downhill. Just a small example of Hills and Valleys.

The chemistry may also change due to the weather as well as where the plant was grown. By this I mean Country of Origin. It’s always important to check the chemistry on the GCMS report if this info is of importance to your use of the essential oils.

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