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In the world of essential oils for some people it’s all about the chemistry while others are only interested in the aroma. Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Colleen Lowe, the Founder and Formulator of the Enfleurage Organic products you’ll find in our store. My passion is helping you stay healthy through the use of organic, gluten free, chemical and synthetic free ingredients. In this article I’m sharing a bit of info about essential oils. I hope you enjoy and would love your comments. Where a plant grows can affect its chemical composition which in turn can affect the aroma. It may not have a huge affect on the aroma. However, there are times when it...

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E Argan Oil

Do you bruise easily? Take a long time for bruises to disappear? I’ve discovered an almost magical bruise eliminator. Argan oil to the rescue with yet another benefit. Hi, I’m Colleen Lowe, the Founder and Formulator at Enfleurage Organics Recently I was doing some online research on aging skin.  There are new treatments  being revealed frequently. I happened upon a video by Dr. Josh Axe.  Decided to tune in and that’s where I learned of a new use for Argan oil. Well, it was new to me and perhaps you as well. I knew that Argan oil reduces inflammation but I was being narrow minded and thinking of that aspect in relation to removing the redness in some forms of...

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How to Get Your Smell Back After Covid – Olfaction Training

Has Covid robbed you of your sense of being able to smell. This article is about how to get your smell back after Covid by using essential oils. This may work for you. It’s called Olfaction Training and it could be just what you are looking for. For some their sniffer starts working shortly after the virus symptoms leave. For many others its an ongoing issue. Your Olfaction is your sense of smell. It’s the area where we process aromas and bring back memories. Getting your sense of smell back is so important to your life. This training method has been in many trials ad has proven successful for a large number of people. However, patience and persistence pays off....

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2020 is a year we’ll all remember for one reason or another, or a multitude of reasons 2003 is a year most don’t remember. It was the year the SARS pandemic came to visit Canada. It really seemed to enjoy our hospitals. 2003 was the year I had to spend time in hospital because Cancer came to visit my body. The surgery had some complications which had me visiting the hospital like a revolving door. In and out for two too many years. Yes! Complications that made me the strong woman that I am today! Sure, I hurt at times. Some setbacks shock me. But I don’t let them stop me. COVID came to Canada and did a tour of...

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