My life, like most others, just keeps on going faster and faster. Time to do those little things you used to do seems to have evaporated and there sits that project unfinished, the coffee date with a friend cancelled and the list goes on. You know yourself what you’ve had to put off.


We all NEED personal time. Time to just BE. That time where you take that book you’ve been meaning to read and actually sit down and open the cover, or meditate or whatever you consider ME time.


A year and a half ago I moved into a new, to me, house. I’d wanted to live in this house or one similar for years. FINALLY the Universe delivered.


A friend, and now next door neighbour, text me on New Years Day 2017 and in her text she attached the listing for this house which became my home plus great space for my business. It took a few years but the Universe heard me and I’m ever so grateful.


At first it was a nightly ritual to light candles and just BE in my new digs. Over time that stopped. The reading stopped. My life was all about work, work and more work.


About 3 weeks ago the Universe sent me a message. Actually the messages had been coming for quite some time but you know, I ignored them. So the Universe sent me a much bigger message


As I stepped out my front door to check on the bird feeders – how come they’re always empty – love the chirping so best not complain that they invite friends over to dine – ooops, I digress. As I stepped out I stubbed my baby toe.


Ouch! But not that bad. I told myself I was lucky and to be more careful and I carried on feeding the birds and watering the flowers.


As well as running all aspect of my business I’d decided that my workspace needed rearranging. The office which took up about a third of the room was in the wrong spot. Feng Shui later told me I was right.


I had started in earnest that day to purge, organize and rearrange the furniture. Oh how I LOVE to rearrange furniture – like a new lease on life.


In order to accomplish my vision I set up a portable table and before long it was piled high with items that needed new homes.


It was later that evening that the message really came into play. You see, the switch for the overhead light I’d installed was at the far end of the room.


While I was going to turn out the overhead, my friend Cathy Hughes in Edmonton, was doing a colour reading for me. After I turned out the light the room was in complete darkness. Things were no longer quite where they once were and didn’t my baby toe on my right foot, the same toe I’d stubbed earlier, came to a screaming halt when it hit the metal leg of the temporary table.


Oh yes, IT HURT and still does! I now am finding time to light the candles, open the book, do less on my feet and getting more done on my computer such as writing blogs and updating this website.


Oh, and Cathy’s colour reading. I opened her mail to me the next more. One part said “if you go into dark places take a light in order to find your way out”. LOL. I’m sure it probably meant when going into the recesses of your mind but I found it so apropos as I lay there with an ice pack on my foot.


If interested in colour readings, please feel free to contact Cathy. She’s also running an online course on healing with colour. Hughescathym@gmail.com


Please…stop and pay attention to those little messages 

Namaste ????