SHAMPOO BARS – how to use

How To Wash Your Hair with ENFLEURAGE HAIR WORKS bar Shampoo

Bar Shampoo is becoming more and more popular.  However, to most it is venturing into the unknown.  As humans, many of us are leery of new ideas or products.

Most of the shoppers I’ve talked to wash their hair while in the shower.  If you wash your hair differently, well, a little adjustment might be required but basically the same process applies.

In the shower wet your hair.

Then take the shampoo bar and wet it

Rub the wet bar onto your scalp.  Depending on your hair (thick, thin, fine strands etc) each of us will rub a little more or less but I suggest you start with 4 or 5 rubs.  If you have long hair, be sure to rub about 3 or 4 times under your hair at the base of your scalp.

Put the bar down.

Now wet your hands under the running water and rub your scalp with your wet hands.  You may have to do this a few times depending on your hair.

For those with long hair first rub the top of your head with wet hands, then pull your hair up and over the top of your head.  Rub with wet hands that area at the base of your scalp where you applied extra shampoo.

Massage with wet hands.

Our Enfleurage Hair Works contains both shampoo and not one, but two conditioners and rinses out easily.

In time you will learn just how much you have to apply to get the right amount of shampoo into your hair.  More is not necessary.

Question No. 1:  This is our top question…Does it suds  – YES!! 

Question No. 2:  Do I need to use a conditioner afterwards?  NO!  There are 2 conditioners in the bar and customers tell me that the bar is all they use, even on long, curly hair.