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My life, like most others, just keeps on going faster and faster. Time to do those little things you used to do seems to have evaporated and there sits that project unfinished, the coffee date with a friend cancelled and the list goes on. You know yourself what you've had to put off.   We all NEED personal time. Time to just BE. That time where you take that book you've been meaning to read and actually sit down and open the cover, or meditate or whatever you consider ME time.   A year and a half ago I moved into a new, to me, house. I'd wanted to live in this house or one similar for years. FINALLY the...

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Love, Grace & Gratitude

Daily Appreciations Just a little reminder that your day will run much more smoothly if you take a moment each and every morning to appreciate a few things  I learned this from Robbi Zeck, ND (Australia) during the four levels or Aromatic Kinesiology that she taught to me and others and you can too!  Link below to her YouTube video. Love, Grace & Gratitude to the Earth Love, Grace & Gratitude to my Heart Love, Grace & Gratitude to You (Others) Love, Grace & Gratitude to the World Love, Grace & Gratitude to Spirit (you choose) Love, Grace & Gratitude to Source (your choice)  

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SHAMPOO BARS – how to use

How To Wash Your Hair with ENFLEURAGE HAIR WORKS bar Shampoo Bar Shampoo is becoming more and more popular.  However, to most it is venturing into the unknown.  As humans, many of us are leery of new ideas or products. Most of the shoppers I’ve talked to wash their hair while in the shower.  If you wash your hair differently, well, a little adjustment might be required but basically the same process applies. In the shower wet your hair. Then take the shampoo bar and wet it Rub the wet bar onto your scalp.  Depending on your hair (thick, thin, fine strands etc) each of us will rub a little more or less but I suggest you start with 4 or 5...

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