With essential oils becoming more and more popular and so easy to obtain, I feel it’s time to put out a few things you should know about essential oils and your pets.

Whenever using essential oils in a diffuser be sure it is one that uses water or has a special area where you drop in the essential oils. MORE is not better. Only a very few drops of essential oils is sufficient for both you and your animals.

Your pets have a much more sensitive nose to scent than we do. You’d be amazed at how much better they smell things vs us humans. AND not all essential oils are good for them.

PLEASE be sure that you NEVER LEAVE your pet locked in a room where you are diffusing essential oils. They will know when enough is enough for them and seek out fresh air. Even for human health, you do not need a diffuser running for long periods of time. You can become overpowered by their chemicals and chemical sensitivity and toxicity could set in. I do know of a woman who had to give up her thriving soap business as her liver could not handle any more essential oils and was causing her some very serious health issues.

Before diffusing essential oils with pets around be sure to check to see if this is a safe oil for your pet. Not only that, make sure it is a safe oil for you to be using. You may like the scent of an oil but it’s chemical properties may be something that’s totally wrong for you such as an oil that would jack up your blood pressure and you already suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease.

This information is post for you in Love, Grace & Gratitude from Colleen Lowe and your fur babies.