It All Started Here

These delicate flowers you see in the picture produce the sweetest aroma. Almost too sweet if you sniff a lot of the essential oil

This is how I started my journey back and regained my mental health – long before

The Big C

I was an agoraphobic.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives their environment to be unsafe with no easy way to escape. These situations can include open spaces, public transit, shopping centres, or simply being outside their home.

Let me tell you that being Agoraphobic is not fun. Friends and family don’t understand why you keep turning down invitations or you accept but cancel at the last minute. Shopping can be agonizing especially if you have to line up at a cashier or bank teller. It’s not uncommon to just leave your cart and rush out of the store.

You may be saving money by not shopping but the mental anguish makes it even harder to go shop the next time.

One day I got brave. I was back driving. Yes! I’d had to stop driving as I was afraid I’d pass out behind the wheel and kill someone.

So back to that brave day. During my lunch break I left the office and drove over to a nearby mall. I was challenging myself by going to a small mall and my intention was to just walk around inside the mall.

As I walked I happened upon a kiosk health store. They had a revolving book rack and one book in particular caught my eye. It asked questions such as “Do you suffer from feelings of anxiety?” It seemed every question was directed at me so I took a peak inside. It talked about an essential oil and how it calms anxiety.

I’d never heard of essential oils but I thought I’d ask if they carried it. They did and I bought both the book and a bottle of the oil.

I could hardly sit still at my desk that afternoon as I wanted to get home to learn.

That was the start of my journey into essential oils which led to me taking a Diploma course at Sheridan College, Brampton Campus and a few post graduate courses, the most important one being Aromatic Kinesiology. That was a 4-level program taught by Robbi Zeck, ND who came up to Canada from Australia to teach in Calgary, AB.  By then I was able to fly!

It was during my 3 years at Sheridan that I started making soap which eventually led to Enfleurage Organics.

Oh! That first oil, it was YlangYlang

You may learn more about the evolution of Enfleurage Organics by downloading my book, 26 Seconds, it’s free

Love, Grace & Gratitude to you