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2020 is a year we’ll all remember for one reason or another, or a multitude of reasons 2003 is a year most don’t remember. It was the year the SARS pandemic came to visit Canada. It really seemed to enjoy our hospitals. 2003 was the year I had to spend time in hospital because Cancer came to visit my body. The surgery had some complications which had me visiting the hospital like a revolving door. In and out for two too many years. Yes! Complications that made me the strong woman that I am today! Sure, I hurt at times. Some setbacks shock me. But I don’t let them stop me. COVID came to Canada and did a tour of...

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Why is it the guys are ordering waaaay more Lip Works than women? I thank you guys but Ladies, you really need to pay attention The info below might SHOCK you! LIP BALMS ARE NEEDED ALL YEAR ! That's right! Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than your finger tips. Now that could be helpful if you are in a lip lock with someone you are passionate about. But what if Just what IF you have lip CANCER LADIES, you need Lip Works made with all organic ingredients on those kissable lips. Put it on BEFORE your lipstick to protect you from the SUN and also because MOST lipstick contains LEAD which is hazardous to your health Did you...

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We're excited to be offering, at the MARKET OPENING this Saturday, June 5th, Take & Make Bug Spray classes. The Market, run by Mode Hospitality, is located at Drummond Farms, 67/69 Concession 5 Rd E., Waterdown, ON (just east of Hwy 6 on Conc 5) Opens at 9 to 2 and class is any time you ask. See more info below. I cannot sell BUG SPRAY as our natural bug repellent that's good for us humans and our dogs at keeping the tics, fleas and mosquitoes at bay, is forbidden by the Government as it doesn't contain the chemical DEET. HOWEVER, I can teach you how to make it and have done so in past years. OR I can have...

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