2020 is a year we’ll all remember for one reason or another, or a multitude of reasons

2003 is a year most don’t remember. It was the year the SARS pandemic came to visit Canada. It really seemed to enjoy our hospitals.

2003 was the year I had to spend time in hospital because Cancer came to visit my body. The surgery had some complications which had me visiting the hospital like a revolving door. In and out for two too many years.

Yes! Complications that made me the strong woman that I am today!

Sure, I hurt at times. Some setbacks shock me. But I don’t let them stop me.

COVID came to Canada and did a tour of the whole country, not just our hospitals. Now that was shocking, but it didn’t stop me.

I admit there were times I ate too much chocolate truffle ice cream. but it didn’t stop me.

2017 New Years Day, 10 A.M., I received a text message. The house I had dreamed of renting was on the market. Happy New Year to me!  It is my current, caring next door neighbour who sent me that text.  She knew I wanted her house if she ever moved out.

It was perfect!  It’s a raised ranch style which means the lower level could be my business, my production area. No more going up and down stairs with heavy boxes and pails of oil. I could walk straight out to the driveway to load my car when going to shows or making store deliveries.  At my age, stairs are not always my friend.  I was beyond happy!

2020 we learned there’s going to be a new normal. We knew that one day we’d be able to shop and play but it would be different. We were adjusting. Phew – less chocolate truffle ice cream in my shopping cart

Then it happened.

The landlord’s agent called to say he wanted to speak with me. Uh oh, rent was always paid on time, we weren’t noisy, grass cut, flowers blooming – this couldn’t be a good news visit.

Turned out the landlord’s grown child had returned to Canada and wanted to live in her house. The house she came home to after her birth.

She didn’t want the whole house, just the lower level apartment – my business space!!

My website had just moved platforms and it had a few little issues and not a single order had shown up and now the balance of my business had to move! but where?

More chocolate truffle ice cream in the grocery cart and in my ever increasing belly.

Not to worry. There may be setbacks but this strong woman wasn’t falling down and throwing in the towel. There had to be a way to move forward that would work.

Friends were saying “WOW! You’re so organized!” “What?! You’ve got a storage unit scoped out already and approved?!”

Others were calling or texting asking, “What’s going on? I see all these ads on Facebook. Are you moving?” Yes! I’m downsizing. Getting rid of what is no longer needed or perhaps will be needed some day but some day has come and gone and I never did make the product using those jars, etc.

As I write there is no chocolate truffle ice cream in the freezer. My Rebounder is out of storage and I’m bouncing on it every day! Life is moving up and forward!

We may experience set backs but they are only a fleeting thought. Thoughts can be changed.

Remember your WHY

My WHY came during my struggle to stay alive – 18 years ago.

I am alive to create clean, organic body care products to help YOU and yours stay healthy.

WHY is saying WHY NOT

WHY NOT move to a storage unit.

WHY NOT put your office into your dining room.

WHY NOT make the kitchen dining area the new production lab.

WHY NOT take a step back because a giant step forward is on the horizon.

Never let your WHY fade away.

With Love, Grace & Gratitude