How to Get Your Smell Back After Covid – Olfaction Training

Has Covid robbed you of your sense of being able to smell. This article is about how to get your smell back after Covid by using essential oils. This may work for you. It’s called Olfaction Training and it could be just what you are looking for.

For some their sniffer starts working shortly after the virus symptoms leave. For many others its an ongoing issue.

Your Olfaction is your sense of smell. It’s the area where we process aromas and bring back memories. Getting your sense of smell back is so important to your life.

This training method has been in many trials ad has proven successful for a large number of people. However, patience and persistence pays off.

What You Need

You will need 4 bottles of essential oils. The 15 ml size should be sufficient and preferably organic.

Lemon or Orange

Rose Geranium (Rose is very expensive, this smells like roses)


The Procedure

Once you have your oils, here’s the procedure.

If possible, find a quiet place to sit. Take a couple of slow, deep belly breaths. A belly breath is when you breathe all the way into your belly. Your chest stays calm as your belly expands.

Uncap the first bottle. It ca be any of them but best to use in same order each time.

Take a good sniff and as you inhale think of what the smell reminds you of.

Yes, I know, you can’t smell it.

In the case of peppermint think about the smell and taste of your toothpaste. Perhaps it might be easier to think about a breath mint.

Take a second sniff of the oil and again think back to a memory of the smell and taste.

Now recap the bottle and do some normal breathing for a couple of minutes.

Now repeat the process from the belly breaths forward using the next bottle of essential oil.

This is the process to follow for all 4 bottles.

This isn’t a one time fix. As mentioned earlier, persistence pays off. It’s found that it can take at least 12 weeks for the Olfactory Training to work.

It is my deepest wishes that this blog How to Get Your Smell Back After Covid works for you in less time and that it works no matter how long it takes.

With Love, Grace & Gratitude to YOU


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medical practitioner. I am a graduate of a Diploma Program in Essential Oils once offered in the ’90s by Sheridan College. As well as post graduate studied in Aromatic Kinesiology and work experience teaching about essential oils in Canada and Uk.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.