The Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Over 15 years ago I learned of the benefits of bamboo charcoal soap. As a formulator using essential oils, I created Face Works soap. The response was amazing.

Bamboo charcoal is beneficial as an absorbent of toxins and impurities that clog pores.

It’s amazing how after as little as one day’s use, customers reported a noticeable difference in their skin. Blemishes were responding! This face soap was formulated to do more than clean out pores.

Face Works is designed with essential oils that work to balance your pores production of sebum. Over production of sebum causes clogged pores. Who wants those!

With a simple application of Face Works suds to your face at the start of a shower or when you are about to brush your teeth, this bamboo charcoal soap goes to work for you. Just wet the bar, rub it between your palms and you will soon have enough lather to do the application. Just a friendly reminder…keep away from eyes as there are no chemicals in the soap to stop eye sting.

Just leave it on for at least 2 short minutes or longer while you wash the rest of your body. That’s it, 2 minutes and your are done! As well, you may like to lather up your face and leave it on while you brush your teeth.

If you are able to do this twice a day, you’ll most likely see results faster!

Yes! By all means, use it all over your body if you wish. Enfleurage Face Works is gentle enough for the whole body. ‎

If you’ve already fallen in love with Face Works, we’d love for you to add your comments in order for others to hear what you think.

Love, Grace & Gratitude to All